Dental Tourism

DentalClinicDental Tourism or Dental Vacations is a subset of the sector known as Medical Tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside of their local healthcare systems usually in combination with taking a vacation to a foreign country. Going to a dentist in Amritsar can be an opportunity to do two things for much less than the price of one of them. Dentist in Amritsar are trained as per international standards and provide quality dental care at Shree Krishna Dental Care Centre.

As a potential Dental Tourist, you can enjoy the benefit of preferential appointments by contacting us via the Internet or the telephone. You can either get a consultation done at your local dentist and mail us the details based on which we can give you an estimate of the time and cost involved or get your consultation appointment with the dentist in Amritsar on arrival. We can then discuss your travel itinerary along with your dental sittings and sightseeing.

Why Visit Amritsar?

Amritsar is the Holy city of Punjab State. It also has been an integral part of Indian history, thus houses many historical monuments. Moreover, Amritsar is well connected with Pakistan Border which is known as Wagha.Moreover Amritsar is having a tourist places like Golden Temple, JallianWala Bagh and many more.


  • Summer: April - June
  • (Average maximum temperature is 40°C and minimum temperature is 25ºC)

  • Monsoon: July - September
  • (Rainfall is not too heavy so it remains humid and warm during these months)

  • Winter: Late November to February. (The temperature varies between 21°C to 5°C.)
  • (January is the coldest month when the temperature may drop to a minimum of 0°C )

Time Estimate For Some Basic Dental Procedures Are As Follows

For implants – 2 visits generally required. The 1st visit entails up to 3 – 6 days and 2nd visit is scheduled after a span of 3-4 months (depending on which area are the implants placed). For the 2nd visit about a week’s duration is required.

For crown and bridge work – minimum stay of 1 week in India is essential. For veneers (ceramic/composite) work – 7 days minimum stay is required. For Bridges / Bridge work – 3 visits of 30 minutes to 45 minutes each would do.

For root canal treatment – 2 visits of 30 minutes each or a single sitting root canal treatment of an hour can also be done depending on the severity of the infection.